Discover If Your Eggs Came From A Sick Or Healthy Chicken


If you don’t have the opportunity to live in the countryside, but in the city, at least try to watch what you buying of foods to eat and what kind of quality they are. Though, even then you cannot be sure of what is offered to you in supermarkets and markets. Eggs from chickens with access to green plants and insects look a lot different than eggs from factory-raised chickens that never go outdoors.

With this post we will make it easy for you to choose healthy and domestic eggs – how to recognize them. Let’s assume that healthy eggs come from healthy chicken, and the proper nutrition of poultry is of great importance for healthy eggs. The chickens closed in a small area certainly do not give eggs of the same quality as those that live in the aforementioned conditions.

How to distinguish good and healthy eggs than others? Always consider the following:

Yolk color

The ideal color of yolk should be as close as possible to orange! So better avoid egg yolk with a lighter color. About 100 years ago, scientists found that the color of yolks in the egg is determined by the number of carotenoids it contains. These are antioxidants that help form vitamin A, which is very important for the quality of our bones.
Therefore, the more intense the color of the yolk, it contains more nutrients for our body.

Thickness of the yolk

The thicker the better! Healthy eggs tend to be thicker and more nutritious.

Shell thickness

It’s hard to evaluate the shell just on the basis of a view! You should consider the appearance of the shell and determine its characteristics. Healthy eggs will have a stronger and thicker shell. An egg should be fairly difficult to crack if it’s really healthy. If you barely tap an egg and it cracks, then it should not be your choice. The richer a chicken’s diet and the greater its overall health, the stronger the shells of its eggs are. And if you do not even have time to figure out the shell thickness, it’s completely enough to test the previous two items.

Extra tip: The advice is to always check the quality of the eggs by reading what is written on the box. Pay attention to the presence of any synthetic colors and buy the eggs only from the trusted manufacturers that you are sure are their chickens healthy and keep them in good conditions.