Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is without doubt one of the most versatile ingredients ever. It is not just used in cooking, but it has strong medicinal properties and it can also be used for cleaning. This is why in today’s article we decided to present you a list of the best 15 uses it offers. Let’s take a look.


1. Can be used as a natural deodorant- to prevent the exposure to toxins and other harmful substances present in store-bought deodorants, make your own deodorant with baking soda. You can find different recipes online.

2. It can alleviate insect bites- just dilute it with some water and apply it to the affected areas to reduce the itching and discomfort.

3. Stops heartburn- mix a glass of water and a tsp of baking soda and drink it. The heartburn will soon be the goon.

4. Make quality facial scrub- water and baking soda is the ideal scrub for blackheads, wrinkles, etc.

5. Speed up the hair growth- rinse the hair with baking soda and water before shampooing it.

6. Lower the visibility of stretch marks- rub the affected areas with baking soda.

7. Treat halitosis- to fight off halitosis, drink baking soda and water mixture.

8. Whiten the teeth- before you brush them with your regular toothpaste; brush them with some baking soda to increase their whiteness.

9. Soften peas and beans- for an easier and quicker preparation; soak the beans and peas in baking soda and water for half an hour before cooking.

10. Bring relief from sunburns- apply some baking soda and water mixture onto the burnt areas.

11. Treat abscesses- to speed up the healing process, apply baking soda regularly.

12. Restore the shine of jewelry- rub it with some baking soda and water.

13. Remove bad fridge odor- put a can of baking soda in the fridge to suppress unpleasant odors easily.

14. Excellent stain remover- if you have a stubborn stain on your clothes or on some other object, clean it with baking soda.

15. Softens the skin- before going to bed, rub the feet with a mixture of baking soda and water and put on socks. In the morning, rinse the feet and use a pumice stone to get rid of all dead skin.

Recipe for Baking Soda and Lemon Juice Tonic

This tonic is excellent against digestion and inflammation issues.

You will need:

A tsp of baking soda

Juice of half a lemon

8 oz. of water

Preparation: Mix the ingredients in a glass well and then drink it before breakfast. Repeat daily.

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